4th and 1st grades

I wasn't feeling our first day pics this year. We were rushed and tired and Seamus was annoyed with me for trying to help him fix his bed head. (He won and I backed off.) But we powered through and now, of course, I'm glad we did. I do love looking at these as a series.

Since we're three weeks in to the year, I can report that they're both loving school. Finn's top teeth are almost ready to fall out which will be both adorable and sad. He reaches almost exactly where Seamus did at the beginning of first grade (2011: Seamus's 1st Grade). Awww.

5 years down, 15 to go! 

2013: Kinder and 3rd, 2012: Seamus's 2nd Grade, 2010 Seamus's Kinder 


Not to be left out...

Sweet Berry Farm | April Film Mama Blog Circle

Update: The friends I took the daytrip with have blogged their images from the same trip. Click here to see Natalie Seeboth's beautiful images! I love a good day trip and Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls is one of my favorites. We pick, sample, bounce and have ice cream for lunch. What could be better? (Note: I'm really good at blocking out the not-so-fun parts of family fun.)

This is my second month participating in the Film Mama blog circle. Click HERE to follow along with Kristin Hemenway of Americana Portraits - and be sure to click through the entire circle until you arrive back here!

Kodak Portra 400 | Mamiya 645AF


I couldn't resist a quick stop in a bluebonnet patch on Hwy 71. Maggie has proved herself the only child in the history of children who was THRILLED with this Texas tradition. This month's Film Mama blog circle includes Brooke Bikneris of Brooke Bikneris Photography, Emily Rainsford with works shared at her These Small Hours Blog, Lisa Anderson with Lisa Anderson Photo, Carrie Geddie with Carrie Geddie Photography, Jessica Simpson with Jessica Simpson Photography, Katherine Harte with Sprout Portraits, and Kristin Hemenway with Americana Portraits.

Rodeo Austin

I love Spring Break in Austin. The weather is perfect, SXSW is in full swing, and the rodeo comes to town. This year we met a group of friends at the rodeo midweek to take advantage of $15 unlimited rides. Good thing, too. The kids rode and rode. Finn was tall enough and brave enough for most rides and Seamus felt so grown up going standing in line next to teenagers. It was a really great day. I'm participating in a monthly blog circle with a group of fabulous ladies who happen to love film, like I do. To follow along, click through to Little Bud Photography and see what my fellow Film Mama, Corrie Heisey, has to share. She'll link to another photographer in her post. Once you arrive back here, you've seen us all. Should be fun, right?



rodeo_austin_gamescarnival_gamesboys_on_caroselMamiya 645AF | Portra 400 | Developed and scanned locally at Holland Photo Imaging.

Back to School

It's that time of year again. Only this time, impossibly, I sent off a 3rd grader and a Kindergartner. Both boys to the same school. Me hustling them out the door and waving goodbye. James sending me the daily "on time" text. Less driving for me and longer chunks to work when Maggie is at her school. Our new routine. I'm sure it will get old (especially when homework and sports hit), but for now, I'm glad to be back. Here are my shots from the first day. (Just over a week after the fact - not bad, me!) As usual, it was dark when I dragged the boys outside. Seamus is an old pro at our First Day of School sessions (here he is on his other first days: Kinder, 1st, 2nd) and Finn was ready to take his place at the chalkboard. I'm so proud of these guys.