Over the past year I have rediscovered my love of traditional film photography, which I abandoned in 2005 the second I realized I could fit 6000 tiny jpegs of my new baby on the memory card of my new Kodak Easy Share.  

I bought in to digital fully and I loved it. I would take 300 pictures in a 15 minute window without blinking. It took me years to realize that I had never actually seen what I had taken. I still find pictures on old hard drives that I don't remember having shot.

Film isn't like that. With film you have to slow down. You have to think. You have to wait for the right moment. Then you have to wait some more before you can see what you've taken.  It runs counter to every instant gratification impulse that I've adopted in the last 10 years. And I love it. The process. The look. The simplicity of getting results that don't take much editing. Everything.

I shoot both Medium Format and 35mm film, with a Mamiya 645 AF, Canon EOS3, and the recently added Mamiya C330. (My digital photos are taken on a Canon 5D MK III.)

I shoot film mostly for personal work at this point and I don't see myself ever abandoning digital but I do hope to create a place where I can shoot both professionally and benefit from the strengths of both. 

If you would like to discuss having me shoot film at your family session, just ask!

(Images on this page: Kodak Portra 400 | Mamiya 645 AF)