Photo by  Brittan Goetz

Photo by Brittan Goetz

So a little bit about me. I live in South Austin with my husband and three kiddos (aaannnnnddd one dog, one cat, ten chickens, one hermit crab, and an ever-changing number of critters that my kids bring home). I find life mostly fun most of the time and I try to document that with my photos. I *may* have a slight tendency to oversell the fun and undersell the crazy but, luckily, my memory does too, so it all works out! (For evidence of both fun and crazy, join me on Instagram, where I spend many a social media hour.) 

As for photography, I kind of love everything about it. But the reason I do it for a job is because I really believe that parents should make it a priority to be in photos with their kids. It's one of the many things we can do for them that they won't fully appreciate until they're older. But they will appreciate it. And a million pictures on your phone won't compare unless you're in them. 

If you'd like me to photograph your family, go ahead and contact me and we'll make it happen! 

p.s. I practice what I preach. I dress my family up and drag us out for professional photos every year. It reminds me that it's an effort (and then I forget what an effort it is when I see the pictures). Yay memory.  

photo by  Jonathan Canlas